“Captivating from the very first page”

Richard Masefield


Here is a selection of comments and reviews by other readers. 

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What a great story. Superbly told and you are hooked straight away.”

If you only read one book this year do make sure it is Blood and Destiny!”

“I greatly enjoyed this book. It paints a vivid picture of life in the days of the Saxons and Vikings, the cruelty, barbarism, loyalty and a budding romance make this a gripping read from start to finish.

 “Fans of historical fiction and the TV series ‘Vikings’ will absolutely love Blood and Destiny.”

“A great read as well as a fascinating insight into some aspects of Anglo-Saxon society.”

“Blood and Destiny by Chris Bishop is compelling and it played across my mind like a movie…”

“The tale raced along, immersing me in a clearly depicted ancient England with characters and circumstances that felt factual and real.”

“If you like this period of history it won’t disappoint…”

“All in all this is an impressive first book and worth a punt as a real page turner.”

“I definitely want to read the sequels.”

“Historically fascinating you are instantly transformed into a world of war and ancestry.”

“This was a great read! I’m new to Viking literature and this didn’t disappoint…”

“Grabbed by the first page can’t wait for the rest .It will transfer to film amazingly watch this author.

“Clearly a lot thought and research has been put into the accuracy of the detail. Blood and gore at it’s best! I can’t wait for the next one.”